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Spousal Sponsorship Documents

Sponsor Spouse to Canada If you are Canadian citizens or permanent resident, age 18 or over, you are eligible to sponsor your wife, husband or same-sex partner to Canada through the Family Class program. Once you become a permanent resident you are able to live, work and study in Canada. When sponsoring a loved one […]

Responsibilities of Sponsor

Responsibilities of Sponsor when Sponsoring Spouse to Canada Did you know that a lot of people think that by marrying a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada they automatically become Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada? Unfortunately, that is not the case. When applying to sponsor your spouse or partner to Canada as […]

Common Law Sponsorship Eligibility

What is a Common Law Relationship A common law relationship is not a marriage, nor is it regarded as a marriage in the eyes of the law. According to the (IRCC) or immigration, refugees and citizenship Canada a common law relationship is outlined as a relationship in which you are not legally married to each […]


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