Canadian Common Law Sponsorship

Understanding your rights as well as your responsibilities, both as the sponsor and applicant, can help you better adjust to life in Canada.
For example, were you aware that if you sponsor your Spouse or partner in Canada, they may qualify for an open Work Permit?

Can my Spouse or Common Law Partner work in Canada?

This depends on a number of varying factors and the answer is simply not a yes or no. If you have sponsored your
Spouse for Permanent Residence, they may be eligible to obtain an open Work Permit based on an initial assessment of the application you have submitted. This is known as approval in principle.

In most other cases, your Spouse or Common Law Partner must apply for Work Permit for a specific job and apply as a foreign worker. The prospective employer may have to get a labour market opinion from human resources and Skills Development Canada and a formal application will need to be made.

However, your Common Law Partner is in Canada on a valid Work Permit, may be able to apply for an open Work Permit as well, based on their status in Canada.
If you are able to obtain an open Work Permit based on your Spouse or partner’s status in Canada, it is typically valid for as long as their status is valid in Canada.

How can I speed up my Sponsorship Application?

Unfortunately, the only way to speed up a Sponsorship is by doing everything in your power to ensure that your application is complete and accurately demonstrates the necessary points you will need to approve. This will avoid delays in processing and therefore help you minimize processing times.
Processing times are completely at the discretion of citizenship and immigration Canada and there’s no real way to speed up your application once is submitted.

If you have compiled a completed application and met all the requirements which have been properly demonstrated through the right documentation, your application should fall within the standard processing times. However, the processing of applications is at the complete discretion of Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the immigration officer making a decision on your matter.

What is the right of Permanent Residence fee?

The Right of Permanent Residence Fee is a fee that all new Permanent residents must pay upon receiving a successful decision on a Permanent Resident application. The fee is $490 and is payable upon receipt of your Permanent Residence and is required in order to finalize the processing of your matter.

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