Sponsoring my Spouse to Canada

Spousal Sponsorship Are you married but your wife/husband cannot come to live in Canada with you? Are you in a relationship but your other significant is having difficulties to reunite you in Canada? Do you miss someone who is important to your life but is not with you in your life? Are you waiting for […]

How to Sponsor my Spouse to Canada

Sponsoring wife or husband to Canada? Do you think you have done absolutely everything you can in sponsoring your loved one and are ready to give up? The staff at Akrami & Associates understands how stressful and tedious the process of sponsoring a spouse can be. Associates will offer their expertise on the topic and […]

Spousal and Common Law Partner Sponsorship

Sponsoring Family to Canada Citizenship and Immigration Canada goal is to reunite close family members to Canada through the Family Class. Under the Family Class Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents can sponsor their spouse, common-law or conjugal partner, dependent children and parents or grandparents. Citizenship and Immigration Canada gives Family Class applications highest priority because […]

How can I prove Genuineness in my Relationship

Importance of Proving Genuineness in Relationship When submitting a Spousal Sponsorship application immigration Canada scrutinizes the application to ensure the marriage is not fake and the applicant has provided sufficient supporting evidence to prove their relationship is genuine. Aside from the forms, applicants need to go through extensive police record checks and medical testing. The […]

Family Class Sponsorship Requirements

Sponsoring Family to Canada Under the Family Class you can sponsor your spouse, common-law or conjugal partner, dependent children and your parents. For the purpose of this blog will only discuss the requirements the sponsor has to meet when sponsoring a spouse, common-law or conjugal partner. Who is considered a Spouse? A spouse refers to […]

Spousal Sponsorship Documents for Sponsor and Applicant

What documents should you as the person being sponsored include in the application? There are several different documents that you as the person being sponsored will be required to include within your application. Such documents include, but are not limited to: Additional Family Form –if this applies to you and your situation The Use of […]

Supporting Documents for Spousal Sponsorship

Who Can Sponsor their partner to Canada? Spousal Sponsorship is the process for which you can apply for your legally married spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal relationship based partner. As officially designated categories, each type requires different documents and different level of documents for the application to be successful. Spousal sponsorship allows you to sponsor […]

How to prove genuineness in the relationship

Spousal Sponsorship: Proving Genuineness in a Relationship Have you ever filed a sponsorship application and got called for an interview? Are you worried that your application could be rejected due to some doubtful situation mentioned in your application? You are not alone when it comes to sponsorship application process. We all know it could be […]

Can I Sponsor my Fiancée to Canada

How to Sponsor my fiancée to Canada For many Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada, it can seem difficult having to live away from your Fiancé; you are planning to spend your lives together, and you may not want to wait until after marriage to begin your new life. Or maybe you feel that […]

Spousal Sponsorship Application Refused

Rejection of Spousal Sponsorship Application Have you ever wondered why most spousal sponsorship application are refused by citizenship and immigration Canada (CIC) ? Your grounds to sponsor your spouse or common law partner could be valid but still your application is not accepted. After this rejection you wonder what you must have done to face […]

Spousal Sponsorship before applying

Sponsoring Spouse to Canada You are on your dream vacations overseas, and you meet the ONE. The whole world seems to be a fairy tale until you hear the word “immigration”. Often there is a skewed assumption that immigration will not be an obstacle to happily ever after simply because one is a Canadian citizen […]

Who can apply under the family class?

Family Class Sponsorship Do you have loved ones abroad and like to reunite with your family members to Canada? If so, you may do so under the family class sponsorship. Immigration Canada believes in reuniting and keeping families together. To be able to sponsor a loved one to Canada they have to fall under the […]

Spousal Sponsorship application processing times

What is the spousal sponsorship application processing time? Have you recently got married and like to sponsor your spouse to Canada but unsure how fast your application can be approved. The processing time depends on which visa office you are submitting your application and whether you are filing for inland or overseas application. If your […]

How long does it take to Sponsor my Wife or Husband to Canada

Sponsoring a Spouse to Canada How long does it take? There is nothing worse than starting your life with your spouse or partner with the uncertainty of not knowing when you will be able to live together permanently. Many people think that the act of marriage alone entitles couples to live together in Canada, but […]

What you need to consider as the Sponsor before applying for Sponsorship Application

Does the person getting sponsored fall under the Family Class? The Canadian government believes in reuniting family members and keeping them together whenever possible. To help accomplish this goal the Canadian government lets citizens and permanent residents of Canada to sponsor their family members to Canada under the Family Class. To be an eligible sponsor […]

Can I Sponsor my Same Sex Partner to Canada

Spousal, Common-Law, or Conjugal Sponsorship for Same-Sex Couples Canada has been very progressive when it comes to provincial and federal legislation in recognizing same-sex couples. Amendments have been made on all levels of Canadian government to do away with any prejudice that was present in the past. Citizenship and Immigration Canada now allows same-sex couples […]

Canada Family Class Sponsorship Eligibility

Who can be sponsored to Canada under the Family Class? Canadian Family Class immigration involves sponsorship by a qualifying individual- the sponsor. A successful Canadian sponsorship includes many elements, but hinges on the relationship of the permanent resident applicant to the sponsor. The following persons may be sponsored: Spouses Common-law partner Dependent children Children intended […]

Canada Spousal Sponsorship Requirements and Application Tips

What is Spousal Sponsorship? Spousal sponsorship allows you to bring in your foreign spouse to Canada for permanent residency in Canada. Do you meet spousal sponsorship requirements? Be at the least the age of majority Either be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident Be able to and agree to financially support the person you are […]

How to apply for Spousal Sponsorship

What is Spousal Sponsorship? Spousal sponsorship is where you who is a permanent resident or Canadian citizen can apply to have your spouse immigrated to Canada. Those that are considered under spousal sponsorship are your spouse, and common-law partner or conjugal partner. They may be required to have medical and criminal background checks done upon […]

Family Sponsorship

Do you have to attend an interview? In some cases yes, you will be required to attend an interview with one of the Canadian Immigration authorities. It will be expected of you to participate in an interview if there are any questions of uncertainty in regards to the genuineness of your relationship. What happens if […]


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