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Sponsoring a Spouse with Criminal Record

How to Sponsor a spouse with criminal record Family reunification is one of the three pillars of CIC’s immigration program. Only certain types of relatives are eligible for Canadian family sponsorship which includes spouse, dependent children and parents or grandparents. The family member being sponsored must fulfill the basic eligibility requirements. One who is a […]

Can my Spouse Work in Canada

Can my Spouse Work in Canada There are many cases where you would like to sponsor your spouse for permanent residency in Canada but are not sure how your spouse can work in Canada. It is best to determine which route your spouse will take in terms of working in Canada prior to sponsoring them […]

Most Important Spousal Sponsorship Documents

Important Spousal Sponsorship Documents Before you sponsor your spouse to Canada for permanent residency, it is very important to recognize and understand what the most important spousal sponsorship documents are. You must have all the required information and documentation in order to successfully submit your application. If not, your application can be returned to you, […]

FAQs regarding Spousal Sponsorship

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Spousal Sponsorship In this article, I will address frequently asked questions and answers regarding spousal sponsorship in order for you to further understand what a spousal sponsorship entails. A spousal sponsorship is created for Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada who desire to sponsor their spouse to Canada permanently. Essentially, […]

Reasons for Spousal Sponsorship Refusal

Important Reasons for Spousal Sponsorship Refusal Sponsoring your spouse to Canada can be an overwhelming and stressful process, especially because you desperately want to be reunited with your significant other. But ultimately the decision is in the hands of the Immigration officer. As a result, you must provide sufficient information and documentation to prove your […]

Inland Spousal Sponsorship

How to Sponsor a Spouse that is in Canada If your spouse is currently living in Canada on a visitor visa, work permit or study permit, and you wish to never separate again in the future, it is best to sponsor your spouse. There are many Canadian citizens and permanent residents in Canada who have […]

Overseas Spousal Sponsorship

How to Sponsor a Spouse that is Overseas If you and your spouse are currently apart because your spouse lives in another country, it is completely understandable why you would want to be reunited with them. There are many Canadian citizens and permanent residents in Canada who have spouses that are foreign nationals. Specifically, there […]

Spousal Sponsorship Interview Questions

Different Interview Questions for Spousal Sponsorship Before your spouse obtains permanent residency in Canada, both the sponsor and sponsored applicant will need to attend an interview with an Immigration officer. During this interview, the Immigration officer will ask several questions regarding your relationship and the genuineness and validity of the relationship. This can apply to […]

Requirements Needed to Sponsor your Wife

Important Requirements Needed in order to Sponsor your Wife Did you fall in love with someone half way across the world and would like to sponsor your spouse to Canada but are not sure what steps you need to take to bring your loved one to Canada? Immigration Canada recognizes that people come from all […]

Consequences of Not Fulfilling Terms of Undertaking

The obligations of the Sponsor and what happens if they do not fulfill the terms of undertaking As a sponsor in a family class sponsorship application, there are many requirements and conditions that you must abide by. If these requirements and conditions are not met, there can be unexpected consequences that can affect the sponsor […]

How Can I Sponsor my Spouse

Sponsor my Spouse Do you and your spouse live apart from each other and miss each other dearly? Do you wish that you could be together in Canada? Do you often ask yourself: How can I sponsor my spouse? Is your desire to have someone that could help you make this possible? At Akrami & […]

How to prove genuineness in the relationship

Spousal Sponsorship: Proving Genuineness in a Relationship Have you ever filed a sponsorship application and got called for an interview? Are you worried that your application could be rejected due to some doubtful situation mentioned in your application? You are not alone when it comes to sponsorship application process. We all know it could be […]

Canada Family Class Sponsorship Eligibility

Who can be sponsored to Canada under the Family Class? Canadian Family Class immigration involves sponsorship by a qualifying individual- the sponsor. A successful Canadian sponsorship includes many elements, but hinges on the relationship of the permanent resident applicant to the sponsor. The following persons may be sponsored: Spouses Common-law partner Dependent children Children intended […]

What If My Spousal Sponsorship Is Refused?

There are many other reasons for the refusal, for example, the application was not prepared accurately or you might have provided incorrect information which is not consistent with your application, criminal record of the spouse, severe medical condition, you are taking social assistance from the government or the genuineness of your relationship is in question. […]

Spousal Sponsorship Refusal

Applying for spousal sponsorship to Canada can be a very intimidating and scary thing. You always wonder whether the information you gathered to send in is enough. How do you prove your love and commitment for a person to a complete stranger through a bunch of paperwork? Spousal sponsorship can be very tough, just the […]


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