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Conjugal Sponsorship

Who is a conjugal partner? A conjugal partner is known as a foreign national that is living outside of Canada, and is in a relationship with a sponsor for a minimum of a year but is not able to live with the sponsor as a couple. In this relationship you must be able to show […]

Inland Vs Overseas Sponsorship Applications

An Overseas Sponsorship application takes places outside of Canada at the appropriate visa office abroad. This also means that the applicant, your spouse or common law partner, is typically waiting outside of Canada until a decision is made. If you want to sponsor your spouse or common-law partner inside Canada which means your spouse or […]

Sponsorship of your Spouse, Partner or Children

In Canada you can sponsor your spouse, common-law or conjugal partner and your dependent children. You can do this from inside or outside of Canada. Both you and your family member need to meet certain requirements in order for the sponsorship to be successful. You as the Sponsor Must: Be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent […]

Inland or Overseas Application for Spousal Sponsorship?

When thinking of sponsoring your spouse or common-law partner to live with you in Canada there are a many things you need to consider. One of the most important and relevant decisions that you would have to make is whether to make the sponsorship in the country of origin of your spouse or if you […]

What If My Spousal Sponsorship Is Refused?

There are many other reasons for the refusal, for example, the application was not prepared accurately or you might have provided incorrect information which is not consistent with your application, criminal record of the spouse, severe medical condition, you are taking social assistance from the government or the genuineness of your relationship is in question. […]

Common Law Sponsorship

What Is Considered To Be A Common Law Relationship? The two parties must have lived together for a minimum of a year with no long periods of separation. The parties can include opposite sexes or same sex relationships. Either party of the application can go away for work but the separation must be short and […]

Spousal Sponsorship Application

Are you a citizen or permanent resident? You may be able to sponsor your spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner. Your spouse may need to have a medical exam, security, criminal, and back ground check. Here the other types of documents you will need to sponsor a: Spouse Marriage license or certificate Proof of that […]


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