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How to prove genuineness in the relationship

Spousal Sponsorship: Proving Genuineness in a Relationship Have you ever filed a sponsorship application and got called for an interview? Are you worried that your application could be rejected due to some doubtful situation mentioned in your application? You are not alone when it comes to sponsorship application process. We all know it could be […]

Can I Sponsor my Fiancée to Canada

How to Sponsor my fiancée to Canada For many Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada, it can seem difficult having to live away from your Fiancé; you are planning to spend your lives together, and you may not want to wait until after marriage to begin your new life. Or maybe you feel that […]

Spousal Sponsorship Application Refused

Rejection of Spousal Sponsorship Application Have you ever wondered why most spousal sponsorship application are refused by citizenship and immigration Canada (CIC) ? Your grounds to sponsor your spouse or common law partner could be valid but still your application is not accepted. After this rejection you wonder what you must have done to face […]

Spousal Sponsorship before applying

Sponsoring Spouse to Canada You are on your dream vacations overseas, and you meet the ONE. The whole world seems to be a fairy tale until you hear the word “immigration”. Often there is a skewed assumption that immigration will not be an obstacle to happily ever after simply because one is a Canadian citizen […]


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