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Information about Conjugal Sponsorship

Sponsoring Your Conjugal Partner Do you and your significant other dream of settling down in Canada in the future? Are you worried this is not possible because you are not legally married, and do not meet the requirements of a common law relationship, either? There is good news! You may be able to sponsor your partner, […]

Spousal Sponsorship Q and A

How Can I Sponsor My Spouse First and foremost, you and your spouse both need to meet the eligibility requirements. If you want to be a sponsor, you need to be a Canadian citizen, a person registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act, or a permanent resident living in Canada who […]

Sponsoring a Spouse with Criminal Record

Having a Spouse with Criminal Record In order to ensure the security of every Canadian citizen and permanent resident, the immigration officers are vigilant, when it comes to accessing foreign nationals’ admissibility. If you have a spouse who has a criminal record, he or she may be denied entry to Canada. Furthermore, this inadmissibility will […]

Qualifications as Spouse or Common-Law Partners under the Family Class

          Family Class Sponsorship As you may know, you, as a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, have the right to sponsor your spouse or common-law partner to become a permanent resident in Canada. Spousal and common-law partner sponsorships are two common ways for people to immigrate to Canada. Before you […]


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