How can you prove your conjugal relationship?


The Canadian government in various ways tries to unite families, and hence, comes up with various programs that help Canadian residents unite with their partners and families. As part of family sponsorships, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident is allowed to sponsor their conjugal partner.

A conjugal partner, is a foreign national living outside of Canada, and is in a genuine conjugal relationship with a sponsor; for at least one year. Despite the conjugal relationship they were unable to stay together, due to significant reasons. These could various political, social or religious reasons.

In most cases, the foreign partner is not able to legally marry their sponsor and qualify as a spouse. It may be hard to prove your conjugal relationship, but there are certain documents you may be able to provide that can support your claim.

For instance, you are in a homosexual relationship, and your conjugal partner is in a country that does not approve of homosexual relationships. In this case you may be able to provide articles or official statements of the authorities of the foreign country stating their opinion on homosexuality. Your previous failed attempts to marry in the foreign country and documents you filed for marriage there may help you support your claim.

In addition, simply lover letters will not be enough, as the Canadian government may require proof of commitment and interdependence. Evidence may also include:

  • Your children together,
  • If you shared a living space,
  • If you provide your partner in the foreign country with financial support.
  • Your exclusiveness to your partner

Documents like your bank’s financial statement showing your transfers to your partner’s accounts. Documentation of your house bought together or your lease agreement, may make your case stronger, and help make the sponsorship process easier.

I hope this helped, if you require assistance with documentation or need help with your sponsorship application. You can contact us and our team of experienced professional will be happy to help you.