Proving Conjugal Relationship



Conjugal Sponsorship

Conjugal Applications are reserved for those that are barred from being together for one reason or another.

Proving a spousal relationship or even a common-law relationship can prove to be easier than trying to prove the genuineness of a conjugal relationship.

When you are proving the genuineness of a conjugal relationship it is similar to the spousal and common-law requirements when you are filing the application, despite what others may think.

Documents you can provide to the officers include:

  • Records of your correspondence
  • Proof of any gifts that you may have received and/or given to your partner throughout your relationship
  • Any travel itineraries that either of you have obtained travelling to see one another
  • Photos of the time you have spent together- this does not mean only you two, but with friends and family as well
  • Reference letters- these will be given by individuals whom have witnessed your relationship and spent time with the two of you as a couple
  • Personal statements
  • If you have any children together
  • If you don’t have any children together but your partner has them with someone else and you provide financial support for them
  • You want to demonstrate the hardship that you are facing at being together
  • Whether or not you share any living expenses, and;
  • Anything that makes your relationship unique

This is definitely a more difficult application compared to the spousal and common-law. The onus will be on the applicant to show why you cannot get married to each other before you started the application process. Both of you must demonstrate why you can’t be together for reasons that are beyond your control.

You should also outline the difficulties in not being able to do the spousal and common-law applications, so explain exactly why you were unable to complete either one of them and had to do the conjugal application.

We realized that this process can be difficult, so we do encourage that you give us a call and allow us to make sure that you are on the right track from the beginning. If everything is included and organized within your application, you have a better chance than if items were missing. We can go over everything that will help you to succeed and discuss future options with you as well. We look forward to hearing from you soon.