Who qualifies for Conjugal Sponsorship




Sponsoring Conjugal Partner?

Are you frustrated of people not taking your conjugal relationship seriously? Many people face this problem and go through many hardships when sponsoring their conjugal partner. We don’t blame you, it is really hard to prove that your relationship is genuine when you do not live together or are not married. At Akrami and Associates, the staff understand how hard and time consuming it could be when trying to sponsor your conjugal partner. Contact one of the experienced staff at Akrami and Associates for your conjugal sponsorship needs, and one of the knowledgeable associates will help assist you with your case ending in success and also helping you sponsor your partner appropriately with reference to the legality of your case.

What is a Conjugal Sponsorship?

A Conjugal Sponsorship is much like a Spousal Sponsorship, however they have many differences as well. The main difference between a spousal sponsorship and a conjugal sponsorship is that in a spousal sponsorship, the couple is usually living together and share many things which makes it very easy to prove their relationship, whereas in a conjugal sponsorship, the two partners do not live together and are not married either. A conjugal relationship is very hard to prove. In fact, instead of proving how you guys are partners, instead, you have to prove to the officer that there are certain barriers that are restricting you both from living together and/or getting married. In a conjugal sponsorship, much like a spousal sponsorship; both of the partners must have been in a relationship for 12 consecutives months. You must inform the officer of any if not all of the barriers that are restricting you and your partner from being together whether it is immigration, legality, or whatever other reason. If you need help distinguishing what type of barrier you are facing, contact Akrami & Associates today.

What Important documents are required when sponsoring your Conjugal Partner?

As with any government application, when completing a conjugal application, you quickly come to a realization that it requires you to attach a lot of documents to prove you are unable to get married or be in a common-law relationship due to either immigration barriers or laws of the country you are in. Just like any other sponsorship application you have to provide ample documents to prove that your relationship is indeed genuine. The documents required for a conjugal sponsorship are mostly the same ones as required for a spousal sponsorship except with a conjugal sponsorship application you are expected/required to include much more detailed and extensive documents to prove why you cannot be together. For a conjugal sponsorship the more proof you show of why you cannot be together with your partner the higher the chance of success. An example of conjugal relationship would individuals that are in same-sex relationship but cannot get married due to laws of the country, or you cannot get divorced from your previous marriage due to divorce is not supported in the country you live in such as Philippines. To convince an officer that you and your partner have a genuine relationship, the officer must have more confidence in you than doubts, if the officer has any doubts at all, your application may fail and be rejected. Unfortunately many people receive back unsuccessful applications because they either forgot to include a document or their evidence was not extensive or sufficient enough. At Akrami & Associates, we will not let that happen. With the help of one of our associates, you increase the chances of sponsoring your partner successfully and with ease. Don’t give yourself the opportunity to make small mistakes that you will regret in the future and hire one of our representatives today by calling in and booking a consultation.

Who is eligible to apply for a Conjugal Sponsorship?

To be eligible to apply for a conjugal sponsorship as the sponsor you need to meet certain requirements such as being a Canadian citizens or permanent resident of Canada. Be 18 years of age or older, be financially stable and able to support your partner when they arrive in Canada, providing ample documents to prove your relationship is genuine, not getting social assistance from the government, do not have a serious conviction on record, do not owe the government money, you are not in jail, five years have passed since you last sponsored someone else or five years have passed since you were sponsored and many other requirements.

It is very confusing to find out if you qualify to be a conjugal sponsor, however, with the help of the representatives at Akrami and Associates, you can ensure great service due to the fact that our representatives have a lot of experience in sponsorships and regarding the topic of conjugal sponsorship. Akrami and Associates have dealt with over 15,000 cases so when you choose us, you are automatically guaranteed exceptional advice based on our past cases and success rate. At Akrami & Associates, we want to witness our clients excel and the way you can do so is by hiring us for all of your legality and immigration concerns/needs. One of our experienced associates can held guide you through the process of your conjugal sponsorship by helping you further understand and help facilitate the sponsorship process for you using their knowledge and experience regarding the topic.

How much does it cost to submit a Conjugal Application?

As you may already know, with any government application there comes an attached processing fee. For a conjugal sponsorship, the application fee itself is $75. However, the $75 does not cover the sponsorship fee; the sponsorship fee is a combined total of approximately $1000. At Akrami & Associates our number one priority is our clients and the success of their cases. There are many different ways you can choose to pay online such as using your visa. We encourage our clients to look past the cost of the application process, if our client is struggling or in extenuating circumstances, we are more than happy to tailor to our clients’ needs and ensure an outcome of success. Having your partner with you in the same country is priceless, so why not pay the price now and thank yourself for doing so in the future?

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Instead of wishing your partner was with you physically, stop wishing and make it happen by picking up the phone and calling Akrami & Associates to book your consultation today. At Akrami & Associates we help our clients with their needs and ensure the best outcome possible. Our associates have worked on many cases dealing with individuals who wish to sponsor their conjugal partner, we have the knowledge and experience to help you and make sure that your conjugal sponsorship is successful. At Akrami & Associates, we have a high success rate and would be more than happy to help you solve your case resulting in a successful outcome. Do not hesitate to call us just because you are unsure if you are eligible, that’s what we’re here for! One of our Associates will help you execute a plan and let you know if you are indeed eligible to sponsor your conjugal partner. Remember, no matter how big or how small your case may be, with Akrami & Associates there is always a way!