Family Sponsorship



How long will the application process take?

Canadian Immigration Offices tend to prioritize sponsorship applications for: Spouses, common-law or conjugal partners as well as the sponsorship of dependent children. This means that these applications tend to be processed ahead of other applications for Permanent Residence in Canada.

There is no determined length in terms of how long the whole application process will take. A lot of the time it takes will have to do directly with that Canadian Immigration Visa Office the application has been sent to. It is possible that it could take from 4-71 months to process the application.

You will be able to check and see through the Canadian Immigration website roughly how long the application process will be for you. But, again this is just a rough time and it all depends on your application itself and if everything that is needed is included.

What can delay the process?

There are several factors that play into the delay of the processing of your application. Some of these factors can be:

  • Missing any signature that is required on the application forms
  • Documentation that is required but was not submitted
  • Unclear photocopies of documents
  • If any of your documents that are not accompanied by a certified English or French translation and they are required to be
  • A medical condition that may require more tests or consultations
  • Any criminal or security issues
  • Or, if a consultation is required with other officers in Canada or outside of Canada

What can you do to avoid these problems?

Well, other than the obvious answer of make sure that you double check everything extremely thoroughly before you submit it, you could also seek the assistance of an immigration representative. By doing this you will ensure that everything that is required of both parties is accounted for. Hiring a representative does not guarantee that whom you are wanting to sponsor will be accepted, but it will help your application to not be delayed for any of the above reasons.

Who can use the sponsorship application?

This application can be used by Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada whom are over the age of 18 and are wanting to sponsor a family member or a spouse/partner under the Family Class.

Who can you sponsor under the Family Class?

The Family Sponsorship application can be used when you are wanting to sponsor a spouse, common-law or conjugal partner that currently are living outside of Canada. This can also be used if you are wanting to sponsor a dependent child. In order for them to be deemed admissible to come to Canada under this program they will be expected to meet certain requirements.

What happens if the application you have submitted is refused?

If an application is refused you will want to make sure that it was originally submitted under the appropriate class of sponsorship.

If for any reason an application is refused due to the person you are sponsoring not meeting the requirements, you will receive information from the Visa Office as to exactly why they came to that decision. In a situation where they were denied, after you have been given the reasoning behind why they were refused you will have the right and opportunity to appeal the decision.

Our representatives are highly experienced in immigration matters and have the expertise needed to look over any application in order to make sure that it is all there. We will take the time and make sure that your application is the best that it can be before you submit it. We may not be able to solve all of your problems but we sure can help to reduce them! Please let us know if there is anything that we can do for you.