Financial Requirement For Sponsorship


Some sponsorship applications have a minimum income threshold requirement. Spousal, Common Law and Conjugal sponsorships are an exception. There is no minimum income requirement for
sponsoring a Spouse, Common Law partner or a Conjugal partner.

It is a very common misconception, as most people assume that there is fixed required amount for sponsoring your spouse. This however is not true, there is no fixed amount. However, there are two financial requirements:

  • Person sponsoring cannot be on welfare benefits; and
  • Person sponsoring cannot have applied for bankruptcy that has not been yet discharged.

In the spousal sponsorship application, the emphasis is on the relationship itself. Proving your relationship is genuine and long lasting is more important for this applications. It is absolutely crucial that the officer looking at your application is satisfied with your evidence, and believes in your relationship.

Citizenship and immigration Canada provides opportunity to all income levels to be able to sponsor their partners or spouses. Although there is still a long list of requirements, a fixed income amount is usually not one those requirements.

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