How to sponsor my family to Canada


How to Sponsor my family to Canada


How to sponsor my family to Canada? Do you think you have done absolutely everything you can in sponsoring your loved ones and are ready to give up? The staff at Akrami & Associates understands how stressful and tedious the process of sponsoring a spousecommon-law or conjugal partner or dependent child can be. When you hire Akrami & Associates we will ensure we have all your documents and guide you step by step throughout the whole process until we get decision on your application. Remember these sponsorship applications are not easy and highly recommended to get the assistance of legal expert as forgetting to attach a document or failing to demonstrate genuineness in the application can potentially delay the process or end up in a refusal. Read our blog below that discuss eligibility to sponsor a loved one to Canada and what type of documents you need to include with your application.

Who can be a sponsor?

If you are Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada and are 18 years of age or older then you can sponsor your spouse, common-law or conjugal partner or dependent child to come to Canada. As the sponsor you must show that you are able to support your loved ones immigrating to Canada and at the same time provide for your own immediate family. When the immigration officer assesses the application they look whether the sponsor can take care of the relative and the relative ability to settle down in Canada.

What requirements do I need to meet as the sponsor?

  • Promise that you will provide financial support to the relative you are sponsoring
  • Meet income requirements as the sponsor
  • If you sponsored a relative in the past and they went on social assistance then you may not be able sponsor another person
  • Sign a sponsorship agreement with the person that is getting sponsored and agreeing that you will provide financial support for the relative and once the relative becomes a permanent relative he/she will make effort to support themselves. (dependent children under the age of 19 do not need to sign the agreement)
  • Provide financial support for spouse, common-law or conjugal partner and dependent child since the day they become permanent resident this can range from 3-10 years.

Who cannot sponsor their spouse, partner or children?

  • You cannot sponsor if you are convicted of a crime and you did not receive a pardon or record suspension
  • Your Canadian citizenship is in the process of getting revoked
  • You got sponsored to Canada as spouse, common-law or conjugal partner less than five years ago.

Important to note: If you are Canadian citizen and you live abroad with your family but intend to come when your family immigrates to Canada then you can sponsor your spouse, common-law or conjugal partner, or your dependent children. If you are sponsoring another relative such as your parents or grandparents you have to be living in Canada to be able to sponsor them.

What are my Responsibilities as the Sponsor when signing the Undertaking?

When you agree to sponsor someone as the sponsor you need to sign a contract known as undertaking with the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). So when you sign the undertaking contract as the sponsor you agree to provide financial support for your family members that are getting sponsored. Some of the basic requirements include:

  • food
  • clothing
  • utilities
  • personal requirements
  • shelter
  • fuel
  • household supplies
  • health care not provided by public health, (such as eye and dental care)

Sponsorship Application Refused?

Unfortunately, in some cases people have their sponsorship application returned back to them and cannot sponsor their spouse, common-law or conjugal partner, or dependent child due to either not meeting the requirements to sponsor or they have failed to provide sufficient documents to support their case. At Akrami and Associates, we will ensure you meet the requirements prior to starting any immigration application. Once we know you meet the eligibility criteria then we ensure we have all the required documents to submit citizenship and immigration Canada.

Sponsorship Documents for Sponsoring Family to Canada

Akrami & Associates have dealt with hundreds of spousal, common-law, conjugal and child sponsorship applications and can help you with your application as well. With a spousal sponsorship, the documents which you are required to provide along with the application itself are pretty straight forward. Of course if you want to sponsor your spouse to Canada, the most important piece of documentation you are required to provide is your marriage certificate to prove to the officer that you both are legitimately a couple and not just trying to abuse the power of spousal sponsorship and commit immigration fraud. When sponsoring a Common-Law partner you need to show that you have resided together consecutively for 12 months to be eligible to apply. For Conjugal Sponsorship you have to demonstrate that why you cannot get married or be in common law relationship to sponsor your partner. With all these three sponsorship application you have to demonstrate that the relationship is genuine. This gone be done through providing ample documents such pictures, gifts exchanged, trips taken together, property you share together etc. Anything that shows your relationship is genuine.

Contact Akrami and Associates Today, if you like to Sponsor you Family to Canada.

At Akrami & Associates, we understand how intimidating and confusing it may be to sponsor a family member who falls under the family-class especially because there are so many categories that one can/may fall under. When you choose to work with the staff at Akrami and Associates, we will tell you which category you or your family fall under and we will help you with your sponsorship by providing you with our knowledge and experience on the topic of sponsorship. Akrami and Associates has helped hundreds of people with their sponsorship applications and can help you with yours too! Don’t take any chances by completing the application yourself; hire Akrami & Associates to increase your chances of a successful sponsorship application. Remember, it doesn’t matter how big nor how small your case may be, at Akrami & Associates we will do our absolute best to solve your case with a successful outcome because there is always a way!