How to sponsor my wife or spouse into Canada


How to sponsor my wife or spouse into Canada


How to Sponsor my wife or spouse to Canada: Canada Spousal Sponsorship

How to sponsor my wife or spouse into Canada: Are you someone who just got married with a spouse outside of Canada and you now want to sponsor them?

Before you start your application to unite with your loved one, consider the following:

  • Are you Eligible to Sponsor?
  • The type of relationship that you will declare on the application
  • Is it going to be Inland or outland application?

The information provided here is an insight into what you could be looking when considering applying to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Before you decide to fill out sponsorship application, specify whether it is an inland or outland application. If your spouse is outside of Canada, the application must be sent to the visa office of the sponsored person’s country of origin. If your partner is inside Canada, this calls for an inland application in which case you would send the application to case processing center in Canada. The person does have the option to apply for open work permit at the same time.

How to sponsor my wife or spouse into Canada: Eligibility to Sponsor your Wife into Canada

Firstly, are you eligible to sponsor? The following points are the main the key factors that based on which CIC will consider your sponsorship:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • You must already be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada
  • You must be able to minimum financial requirements
  • Sign an undertaking
  • Should not have active undertaking for a previous spouse/common-law

How to sponsor my wife or spouse into Canada: What makes you ineligible when sponsoring your wife into Canada?

The following are a list of things that will most likely get in the way of your sponsorship:

  • If you have committed any offences such as an offence of a sexual nature, a violent crime, or any type of offence that resulted in a bodily harm
  • If you ever threaten anyone to commit the above offences or anything similar (Factors such as when you threaten, what actions took place or whether a record suspension was issued are all considered in this case)
  • Having a record suspension (record suspension is when one is convicted of a crime they committed but have fulfilled their sentence and has acted as a loyal and faithful citizen of the country for a given number of years to have the criminal record be kept separately from other criminal records)
  • If you were sponsored by a spouse, common-law or conjugal partner less than five years ago
  • Hold liability such as an immigration loan that has not been paid or if you missed deadline to make payments
  • If you are in prison
  • If you have a record of bankruptcy that has not yet been dismissed

How to sponsor my wife or spouse into Canada: Do I have to be married to Sponsor?

One does not have to be married to sponsor their loved one to Canada. You are also eligible to sponsor under the Family Class if you are in Common Law or Conjugal Relationship.

Common-law partners: When submitting an application as common-law partners the most important aspect of the application is having lived together with your partner for at least 12 months.

Conjugal partners: To be eligible to apply under the conjugal sponsorship you have to demonstrate that you and you partner abroad are in a committed relationship but are unable to get married or be in a common- law relationship because of reasons that is beyond you and your partners’ control.

How to sponsor my wife or spouse into Canada: Common Law Sponsorship Requirements

There are certain requirements one has to meet to be eligible to apply under common-law sponsorship. As mentioned above the partners must have lived together for at least 12 months consecutively. To demonstrate cohabitation you can provide documents such as joint bills, shared credit cards, shared leases, proof of shared ownership etc. Also as the sponsor you cannot be on social assistance, be in debt, have a criminal record and demonstrating you are able to support the sponsor financially once they arrive in Canada.

How to sponsor my wife or spouse into Canada: Conjugal Sponsorship Requirements

It is very important that under conjugal sponsorship, you can explain your situation of why you need to submit a conjugal application as opposed to spousal or common law sponsorship.

Possible reasons for applying as conjugal partners could be:

  • If you have experienced denials in visa applications from both of your countries numerous times
  • If you are in a same-sex relationship and where you live, same-sex is not permissible
  • Refused a long-term stay in each other’s country

Basically, you would have to prove the reasons for not being able to live together and that you have attempted many ways to live as common law partners or get married but it was just impossible.

However, you are not eligible to apply as conjugal partners for the following reasons:

  • You decided not to live together, even though you could have. This shows the lack of commitment in the relationship
  • You have no reasoning as to why you and your partner did not live together
  • If you and your partner are engaged to be married. This changes the status of your relationship since you two have committed to getting married. You may apply as spouse once married.

How to sponsor my wife or spouse into Canada: What are the Conditions of submitting a Spousal Sponsorship Application

October 25, 2012, CIC enforced amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations. The amendments established that spouses, common-law or conjugal partners, who have been in a relationship for two years or less and have no children in common are subjected to the conditional permanent residence.

This condition obligates the sponsored spouse or partner to live in a conjugal relationship for two years and this period starts after the day of becoming permanent resident.

How to sponsor my wife or spouse into Canada: Required Evidence to strengthen your application when sponsoring your spouse into Canada

The immigration process can be lengthy when sponsoring your spouse, but if you can start to gather your evidence before hand and prepare all necessary documents requirements, your application gets processed without any complications and delays. It is very important that both partners gather as much evidence as possible. To avoid any fraudulent cases, the CIC has strict set of rules which they abide by when going over your applications. Everything your write on your application is read and analyzed step by step to ensure the validity of the sponsorship. Having only a marriage certificate and wedding video and pictures may not be enough to prove your relationship as genuine.

How to sponsor my wife or spouse into Canada: Genuineness Documents you can include when sponsoring spouse into Canada

  • Pictures of you and your spouse in events such as parties, vacations, gatherings
  • Pictures where both your families are involved in gatherings
  • Transactions that you two have incurred together such as receipts, invoices, bills
  • Proof of any joint/mutual accounts

Communication via Social mediums are utmost important because it is a great way for the CIC to see how much you and your spouse have interacted with each other and how long have been interacting with each other. These mediums include telephone conversations, chatting via apps, emails that you exchanged with each other, and skype as well. The CIC could consider social media accounts such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc, to check the validity of your relationship. Therefore, it is important to save or back up your chats, pictures, calls, text messages, emails, etc. You could provide any other evidence that you deem appropriate and would prove your relation as genuine, but getting advice from experts like Akrami and Associates which it comes applications and immigration would build for a stronger case.

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That was a short overview of the basic information you should know before applying for a spousal sponsorship. An application for sponsorship is often approved for immigration with great reluctance and examination by the government. In the process that applicant has to extensively and clearly explain and prove relationships. The government tries to pierce the veil of the relationship and look at the intent of the applicants and the sponsors. This often comes with very difficult questions and tough answers that are emotionally difficult for the applicants. This is where our professional experience can help you through the process like we have helped hundreds of families. Remember, here at Akrami and Associates we are always ready to provide high-quality advice, so give us a call at 416-477-2545 should you need more clarification,

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