Medical Requirements for Permanent Residents


If you wish to sponsor a family member, enter as a federal skilled worker, or as a live-in caregiver, you may be required to undergo a medical examination. There is some information you should know regarding
medical examinations in order to make your application successful.

It is important to know that,

  • The purpose of a medical examination is to determine whether you have a health condition that will pose a risk to Canada and its citizens, or if it will cause excessive demands on Canada’s health and social services

            o you will most likely be inadmissible if this is the case

  • A medical examination is valid for twelve months from the last examination

            o You may be required to undergo another one if it has expired before your permanent resident status has been approved

  • Examinations must be performed by a panel physician
  • Submissions can be made electronically (if your doctor uses eMedical) or by paper
  • Depending upon the type of application you are submitting, you can either,

            o Wait for instructions before undergoing a medical examination

  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada will issue instructions for you to do so within a certain amount of time

            o Have a medical examination “up front”

  • Go directly to a panel physician and get yourself examined
  • You will be issued proof of the completion of your examination that you will submit with your application
  • Any fees accrued for medical examinations are your responsibility

A medical examination is an essential part of your application and neglecting to do so can cause your application to be denied. It is important to make sure that your examination is complete and valid.

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