Sponsoring Your Spouse to Canada through Spousal Sponsorship



Sponsoring Your Spouse to Canada through Spousal Sponsorship

What is Spousal Sponsorship

Have you just married a Canadian citizen? Or are you married to someone of permanent residency status? Or are you a permanent resident of Canada yourself and just gotten married?  Are you curious as to how you might be able to permanently move them to Canada and live together with your significant other? If you have mentioned yes to the aforementioned questions, then fear not! As there is a way for you to bring your spouse or yourself over into Canada through spousal sponsorship. For further information on this topic continue reading this blog & you will be informed on the requirements needed to help make your spousal sponsorship process easier. The types of sponsorships that an applicant can apply for through which type of spousal sponsorships, requirements needed to be a sponsor, and the requirements of the individual seeking permanent residency. It is advised that you seek out expert opinion before applying as these types of applications are a tad bit tricky.

Who is eligible for Spousal Sponsorship

The first thing an applicant should consider is that there are certain types of sponsorships. One that an applicant can apply for through a spousal sponsorship, which can include legally recognized marriages, are common law relationships, and conjugal partnerships. Any of these types of sponsorships may be eligible to apply for through the spousal sponsorship aspect. But before choosing the correct application there are certain requirements and eligibilities both parties need to meet. If the criteria is met by both parties, they can automatically be eligible for the application process. For further detail on specific requirements or restrictions on the eligibility aspect for both the sponsor or the applicant, please view the CIC website as the policies are consistently changing.

Application Process

Since 2016, the Canadian government has changed their wait times for these applications. The application to become a sponsor and the application to enter Canada under the sponsorship of their spouse must both be sent in simultaneously. A temporary resident permit may be issued instead of a permanent residency for those who have failed or been denied entry into Canada, but has a valid reason to travel to Canada. This is usually issued to those who are viewed as admissible by Canadian authorities.

Within your application, it is of utmost importance to prove the genuineness of your relationship. This is because the officer seeking to approve certain applicants wants to help unite those families truly longing to be together. As an applicant you will need to provide certain evidence such as family photos, marriage documents, etc., that the person identified as your spouse is in consistent contact with you and is not just applying to get their permanent residency. Medical examination forms of the applicant will need to be handed in to prove that they are admissible to enter the country.

If after providing all of these criteria, as an applicant you have been successful, your visa will be issued.


Before applying for this type of application an applicant must be able to present that they can afford to sponsor their spouse without assistance from the government. Someone who fails to pay immigration loans and family support payments cannot become a sponsor. There are other factors that can make you exempt from also being able to apply for this sponsorship; such as being in prison, sponsoring someone without living in Canada for more than 5 years, convictions of sexual or violent offences, etc . Please view the CIC website for further information as the policies are consistently changing.

There are also factors for the person being sponsored to consider as they must also be eligible as a candidate to be allowed into the country. This means that one must be a person who is a potential to gain a residency and is not to be a threat to the country or Canadian society in any way. Many factors can determine the eligibility of a person. Being a security risk, have serious health problems, ties to organized crime, etc. can lessen one’s chance of getting their sponsorship approved of. A full police background check of the person, including their criminal record, is a common method to determine whether the applicant is fit to gain permanent residency in Canada. Details from the background check are required to be submitted with your other application forms. If the applicant is viewed as inadmissible to Canada or as a threat, they are automatically denied entry into the country.

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