Sponsorship Undertaking Canada



What You Need To Know About Sponsorship Undertaking Canada



Whether sponsoring your loved one from inside Canada or abroad and whether or not they are a Spouse, Common Law or Conjugal Partner; as the sponsor, you will need to agree to and submit the Undertaking/Application to Sponsor.

Many people who attempt to sponsor on their own simply regard this application as just another form to fill out. What they miss is the fact that, aside from being another form, this is their agreement with Canada or the Minister of Immigration that they commit to when sponsoring their significant other.

The Undertaking is a binding contract between the Sponsor (and Co-signer, if applicable) and the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration that essentially denotes the Sponsor and Co-signer’s promise to provide the Sponsored Person with basic requirements from the day they become a Permanent Resident, ending after a pre-set amount of time.

Further, this Undertaking is your commitment to and acceptance of your obligation to repay the government any social assistance made to the person you sponsored, if applicable. This means that you are also financially responsible should your sponsored person be provided financial assistance by the Government of Canada during the period of time you are committed to.

The Undertaking takes effect on the day the Sponsored Person becomes a Permanent Resident and can last up to varying time frames depending on who you are sponsoring. For example:

  • If Sponsoring your Spouse, Common Law Partner or Conjugal Partner; this duration is three years
  • If Sponsoring your Parents or Grandparents, the duration is 10 years
  • If Sponsoring a Dependent Child, the duration is 10 years or when the child become 25 years of age

This Undertaking is not to be entered into lightly as the sponsor will become responsible for the sponsored person. If you default on financial aspects of this obligation, it will have future ramifications on your finances as well as ability to sponsor in the future.

Be sure you aware of all your legal rights and responsibilities before you enter into any agreement. At Akrami & Associates, we make sure our clients completely understand what is involved in each application and will not proceed unless you are satisfied.

Akrami & Associates is committed to not only assist you in your application but to make sure that you have the knowledge and understanding of what has transpired on your matter. Transparency is key to trust and you can certainly trust us!