Spousal Sponsorship Application



Spousal Sponsorship Application

Document to Submit with a Spousal Sponsorship Application

When submitting a Spousal sponsorship application, you should always be considering the key factors you are attempting to demonstrate in your application. Consider
the requirements and ensure that your documentation accurately reflects how you meet these requirements.

When it comes to a Spousal  sponsorship application, whether it be spousal, common law or conjugal, genuineness of the relationship must always be a prevailing
factor in your application.

An Immigration Officer reviewing your application will need to be convinced that you are in a bona fide relationship and not one solely for the purposes of
immigration. These types of relationships are known as ‘relationships of convenience’ and are considered fraudulent and will not be processed.

Spousal Sponsorship Documents

When submitting an application for spousal sponsorship, the two main factors that you need to demonstrate are the genuineness of your relationship and the
validity of your marriage. Aside from demonstrating that you are in a bona fide relationship, just because you are married does not necessarily mean it is
valid. For example, if the marriage is not considered valid in the country where it took place, it is not considered valid in Canada. Further, if it
contravenes Canadian law, it is also not valid. For example, if you marry another spouse before finalizing the divorce of a previous marriage, this is also
not considered valid.

Common Law Sponsorship

The Most significant aspect of Common Law Sponsorship, aside from proving the genuineness of your relationship, is demonstrating that you meet the criteria
of a Common Law couple. This means having resided together in a “marriage like commitment” for a minimum of one year and being codependents.

This means that, not only are you residing together, you rely on one another and both contribute to the relationship. Documents that you can provide to
demonstrate this include:

  • Proof of joint bank accounts
  • Proof of joint bills
  • Proof of joint lease agreements or property ownership

Conjugal Partner Sponsorship

If you are intent on sponsoring your Conjugal Partner, you will need to rely heavily on documentation that demonstrates the genuineness of your
relationship as well as the particular reason you are unable to be married or reside in a Common Law relationship. In order to qualify for a conjugal
sponsorship, you must demonstrate that there is some impediment or reason beyond your control that keeps you and your sponsor apart and if not for this
impediment, you would be in a married or common law relationship.