Spousal Sponsorship Documents for Sponsor and Applicant




What documents should you as the person being sponsored include in the application?

There are several different documents that you as the person being sponsored will be required to include within your application. Such documents include, but are not limited to:

  • Additional Family Form –if this applies to you and your situation
  • The Use of a Representative Form- if you are using a representative and this is valid in your situation
  • Your spouse, common-law partner, conjugal partner and each dependent child that there may be over the age of 18 (even if they are not accompanying you) will be expected and required to fill out and submit a Schedule 1 form
  • If you are a spouse or common-law partner you will need to complete a Sponsored Person/Partner Questionnaire
  • If you happen to be wanting to settle in Quebec then you will be required to complete an Application for a Quebec Certificate of Selection form
  • You will need to submit proof that you have completed a medical examination with a medical practitioner that was designated by Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Is that all that the person being sponsored is required to include?

No, there are several other documents that may be required of you to submit in order for your application to be deemed complete and to get your process started. These are documents such as:

  • Police Clearance Certificates
  • Birth Certificates
  • Household Register Forms- if this applies to you
  • Valid passport- or whatever travel document that you have
  • Proof of Identity- in any form that you may have
  • Marriage certificate- if you are applying as a spouse being sponsored into Canada
  • Birth certificate, and;
  • Any other documents that will prove your relationship to the person that is sponsoring you

What is the Importance of all the Sponsorship Documents that are required?

Each and every document that you are required to attach to your application has a very distinct purpose. These documents will be the way that the Immigration Officers will be able to confirm: your identity, identify the people in which you would like to come with you as well as allowing them to detect the level of legitimacy when it comes to your relationship.

As the Sponsor what Documents are you required to provide and submit?

When you are completing your application there will be a number of documents that you will need to include once they are completed. For starters, documents that are to be submitted are:

  • An Application to Sponsor and Undertaking
  • A Sponsorship Agreement
  • A Sponsorship Evaluation
  • A Spouse/Common-law Partner Questionnaire
  • Government processing fees, and;
  • A Use of a Representative Form- if this is applicable to you. You will only be required to complete and submit this form if you are using a representative

Are those all of the documents that you will have to include in your application to sponsor?

Unfortunately no, there are many other documents that you are going to be responsible for submitting with your application. Some of the additional documents are:

  • The Statutory Declaration of Common- Law Union form- this will only be required of you if your co-signer is a common-law partner
  • Any documents that will support your Sponsorship Evaluation. These can be documents such as:
  • Your tax returns
  • Any Notice of Assessments that you have received from Revenue Canada
  • Any of your pay stubs and/or letters that have indication of the salary that you make as well as the length of time that you have been employed at your current position
  • Any other proof of income that you may have- this can be any rental properties that you have or even proof of pension if it is applicable to you, and;
  • Proof of all of your financial obligations that you have- this will include things like your mortgage, taxes, personal lines of credit/loans, alimony payments and insurance payments.

Additional Documents to include as Sponsor

Yes, you’re not quite finished yet, in order for you to Sponsor someone in Canada you need to prove the status that you hold in Canada. This can be done using several different documents; it will all depend on which ones are relevant for you. They include:

  • Permanent Resident Cards
  • Records of Landing
  • A Canadian Birth Certificate
  • Citizenship CardYou will also be required to prove the relationship you have with the person in which you are wanting to Sponsor. This can be done by attaching documents such as:
  • Marriage Certificates- if this is applicable to your situation
  • Adoption Orders, or;
  • Passports that indicate the identity of your parents or childrenIf you have any previous marriages or common-law partnerships that you were involved in that ended before you entered the relationship that you are in with the person whom you would like to Sponsor you must submit proof that they are over.You must also be responsible to show using documents that if you are currently living outside of Canada that you will return once the person you are planning on Sponsoring lands in Canada. If you are living in Quebec then there will be additional forms that will be required of you to fill out and submit in regards to that.

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