Spousal Sponsorship Interview Questions




Interview Questions:

A spouse being sponsored usually has to go through an interview with a visa officer. The interview questions can range from very general to very detailed. The purpose of the questions is to determine the validity of the marriage and to deter marriage fraud. Some of the questions that can be asked are:

  • How do you know each other
  • When did you meet
  • Where did you meet
  • How did you meet your spouse
  • What does your spouse do for a living
  • What education does your spouse have
  • Which school did your spouse go to
  • Where does your spouse work
  • What is the salary
  • Which company
  • Where does your spouse live
  • With whom does your spouse live with
  • Where will you live in Canada
  • What is your and spouse’s religion
  • How many dates have you gone on and what did you usually do on them
  • What type of music do both of you enjoy
  • What kinds of movies do you enjoy
  • What kind of books
  • Have you and spouse exchanged gifts and what kind?
  • Was the marriage arranged
  • Who arranged it
  • When did you get married
  • Where did you get married
  • Was it a proper function with guests
  • How many guests were invited
  • What was served at the wedding
  • Who performed the ceremony
  • Who attended the wedding from your side
  • Do you have pictures of the ceremony
  • Were your parents at the wedding
  • Did you receive any wedding gifts
  • Do you have any relatives in Canada
  • Provide their information
  • How often do you talk with your spouse
  • Where and where did you two live together
  • Personal life of sponsor including degrees, activities, work etc
  • What side of bed do you sleep on
  • Where and how did you propose for marriage
  • What contraceptives do you use
  • What trips did you two go to together
  • Detailed information about the spouse’s family.
  • What is common among the two of you
  • What kind of cake did you cut at the wedding
  • Did you for honeymoon, where?
  • Who makes breakfast, clean etc

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