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Before your spouse obtains permanent residency in Canada, both the sponsor and sponsored applicant will need to attend an interview with an Immigration officer. During this interview, the Immigration officer will ask several questions regarding your relationship and the genuineness and validity of the relationship. This can apply to spousal, common-law or conjugal sponsorships. The discretion is up to the Immigration officer on whether or not he will approve the spousal sponsorship and application and thus allow the sponsored spouse to obtain permanent residency in Canada. Therefore, in this article, I will address the spousal sponsorship interview process and several different questions that the Immigration officer may ask.

Spousal Sponsorship Interview Process

The interview process for a spousal sponsorship application can be one of the most nerve-racking and difficult parts of the entire application process. Many individuals feel nervous and scared of what to expect when they are going for an interview. Essentially, this interview is conducted and necessarily in order to determine the genuineness of the marriage and to confirm several different details of the marriage. The Immigration officer will ask interview questions that correlate with the information that was provided in the spousal sponsorship application.

When the Immigration officer is assessing whether the information provided during the interview indeed correlates with the information that was provided in the spousal sponsorship application, they must determine whether the answers are the same. If the answers differ, and the Immigration officer determines that there is false information being provided, or if there are any fraudulent documents, then this may result in inadmissibility to Canada for the sponsored spouse. This inadmissibility to Canada will affect the spousal sponsorship application and any other immigration application they may want to pursue in the future.

It is important to note that it is almost impossible to predict all of the questions that the Immigration officer will ask. Additionally, do not become alarmed if the Immigration officer probes for more information about a certain topic or requests you to elaborate on one of your answers. This is usually done in order for the Immigration officer to uncover any falsified information. Subsequently, it may happen that the Immigration officer may not understand an answer you provided and requires additional information from you in order to understand.

Spousal Sponsorship Interview Questions

The most important interview questions that will be asked about your spousal sponsorship application is how the spouse and the sponsored applicant met each other. This is a very crucial determining factor to determine whether the relationship is, in fact, genuine. Other questions that may determine the genuineness of your relationship are details on how the relationship progressed, descriptions of certain events attended together and ultimately details about your wedding day. With regards to details of your wedding, the Immigration officer may go into detail about the events that occurred that day, who attended, review the photos of the wedding day with you and much more. While the Immigration officer asks you these questions, they may be reviewing the supporting documentation to make sure that they correspond with what you are saying.

In addition, depending on what country the sponsored spouse is coming from, the Immigration officer may ask certain questions pertaining to that country’s cultural traditions, which include arranged marriage, specific marriage ceremonies and religious traditions. These questions can bring about very detailed answers from the sponsor and the sponsored applicant. Therefore, the Immigration officer may continue with simpler questions such as the address of the sponsor and their contact number. Due to the complexity and diversity of questions, it is always advisable to be well-prepared for any questions that the Immigration officer may ask.

Examples of Interview Questions for Spousal Sponsorship

As previously mentioned the questions that the Immigration can ask the couple can range from simple questions to more complex and complicated questions. Additionally, the questions can range in topics as well, for instance, from the genuineness of the relationship to contact information of the sponsor. Therefore, it is best to be prepared and have the appropriate and correct answers ready for when the Immigration officer asks these questions. Below is a list of possible interview questions that the Immigration officer may ask you.

  • How did both of you meet?

  • Where did you meet?

  • When did you meet?

  • Did you know your spouse before you met them?

  • What is your spouse’s occupation?

  • Where does your spouse work?

  • What is your spouse’s salary?

  • What company does your spouse work for?

  • Where does your spouse reside?

  • Does your spouse live with anyone?

  • If so, with whom does your spouse live with?

  • What education does your spouse have?

  • What educational institution did your spouse attend?

  • Where will you live in Canada?

  • What is your spouse’s religion?

  • What type of music does your spouse listen to?

  • What kind of movies does your spouse enjoy?

  • How many dates have you and your spouse gone on?

  • What kind of dates have you and your spouse been on?

  • If you and your spouse have exchanged gifts, what was exchanged?

  • When did you get married?

  • Where did you get married?

  • How many guests attended your wedding?

  • What food was served at the wedding?

  • Did your parents attend the wedding?

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