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Sponsor Spouse to Canada

Are you Canadian citizen or permanent resident and like to sponsor your spouse to Canada for permanent residency? Citizenship and Immigration gives you the opportunity to reunite with your loved ones through the Family Class Program. Akrami & Associates are certified Canadian Immigration Consultants and immigration lawyers. Our team has wealth of experience dealing with spousal sponsorship applications and family sponsorships. Our blog below will give you some helpful spousal sponsorship tips when bringing your spouse to Canada.

Who can you can sponsor?

Under the Family Class Sponsorship you can sponsor your spouse, common-law or conjugal partner and his/her dependent children to Canada. You are considered a spouse if you are legally married to your sponsor and your marriage should be recognized under Canadian law and the country your marriage took place. Common-law partners are partners either of sex-sex or opposite sex and have lived together for at least one year consecutively. Conjugal partners also consist of same-sex or opposite-sex and can only be sponsored under this category under exceptional circumstances- the partners must prove why they are not able to live as common-law partners or get married.

Start Sponsorship Application Immediately

There are several things you need to be aware when relocating your spouse to Canada. If you are not married yet, then as a couple you need decide where to get married inside or outside of Canada. If you decide to get married inside of Canada, then your spouse and the guest may face some challenges based on the country of origin. If your spouse or guest comes from non-visa exempt country they have to first get approved visitor visa from the government of Canada. So when you decide to get married inside of Canada you have keep in mind the timeframe of a visa getting approved which usually takes 4-6 weeks depending on your country of citizenship. So once you obtained your visa and got married in Canada, you will need to apply as soon as possible for permanent residence status for your spouse. You have to remember that visitor visa are only for temporary stay, so if you want your spouse to stay with you then start the application immediately to avoid facing problems in the future. If you are not ready to get started and need some time you are able to extend your visitor visa but the approval process takes time. It is highly recommended to start your sponsorship application immediately as gathering your paperwork and supporting documents takes time. If you are not sure if you meet the eligibility criteria as a sponsor or applicant then contact Akrami & Associates at 416-477-2545.

Submit Inland or Overseas Application?

There are two ways you can sponsor your spouse to Canada either through submitting an inland spousal application or overseas spousal application. Inland means your spouse is in Canada and therefore you can submit an application from inside of Canada. For inland application your spouse can remain in Canada until a decision is rendered. Another advantage to inland is that your spouse can work by applying for an Open Work Permit. Also, with an inland application your spouse doesn’t need to have a legal status to be sponsored. When submitting an inland application the applicant goes through medical, criminal and background check to determine whether your wife or husband presents any risk to Canadian security. Overseas application means your spouse is getting sponsored while outside of Canada. Usually, overseas applications get processed faster but the disadvantage is that you are not with your loved one during the processing time unless you have approved visitor visa.

If your spouse has a criminal background then he/she may have to go through an additional step by applying for Criminal Rehabilitation to overcome their inadmissibility. If your spouse has a criminal record and not sure if he/she is eligible to overcome his/her inadmissibility then contact our office at 416-477-2545 for more information.

Another, important aspect when submitting an inland or overseas application you have to prove your relationship is genuine. This is done by providing proof of wedding photos, marriage certificate, trips taken together, gifts exchanged, chat logs, shared expenses, bank accounts, reference letter etc.

Check if you are eligible for Health insurance

One great thing about living in Canada is the public health coverage, unfortunately this great benefit is not offered to spouses that are on a tourist visa, study visa or work permit. Each province has its own public health plan, to determine your eligibility for health plan check the province you decide to live in. If you have stable job as the Canadian citizen or permanent resident and like to add your spouse on your extended health plan then ensure to check with your employer if your spouse is covered as well. To avoid future health problems for your spouse or partner getting sponsored to Canada it is recommended to get private health care insurance. Having private health insurance will give you that ease of mind should an accident or medical urgency occur.

Can my Spouse Work in Canada?

Your spouse will not be able to work in Canada until he/she obtains a valid social insurance number or work permit. If your spouse is currently in Canada he/she can apply for Open Work Permit, if your spouse or partner is outside of Canada, he/she needs first needs to find an employer that is willing to hire them in Canada. Once you have the job offer from the employer in Canada the employer may have to go through a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Meaning the employer has to demonstrate recruitment efforts of offering the position to Canadian citizens or permanent residents first prior to offering the job to the foreign applicant. Once the Positive LMIA is received the foreign applicant can then apply for the Work Permit. Depending on the type of job, duties involved and country of citizenship you may be exempt from the LMIA process and Work Permit. To determine how to apply for work permit or if you are exempt from it then contact our office at 416-447-2545 for more information.

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