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What is Genuineness of Relationship

                What is a genuine relationship One of the aim of immigration and refugee protection Act is to help reunite families. For this purpose, Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor or partner to become a Canadian permanent resident. If you are a Canadian citizen or PR you […]

How To Sponsor My Wife To Canada

            Sponsoring your spouse to Canada Did you just recently get married outside of Canada? Did you have to leave your spouse or partner back in another country? Or is your partner not a Canadian citizen, meanwhile you are? Does your spouse or partner want to come live with you […]

Sponsoring Your Spouse to Canada through Spousal Sponsorship

What is Spousal Sponsorship Have you just married a Canadian citizen? Or are you married to someone of permanent residency status? Or are you a permanent resident of Canada yourself and just gotten married?  Are you curious as to how you might be able to permanently move them to Canada and live together with your […]

Information about Conjugal Sponsorship

                Sponsoring Your Conjugal Partner What is a conjugal sponsorship? Should I apply for a conjugal sponsorship? Many questions happen to appear on conjugal sponsorships and can pertain to your case. Today we will cover what a conjugal sponsorship is, the requirements of a conjugal sponsorship, when someone […]

Sponsoring Your Spouse, Common-law Partner or Conjugal Partner

How to Sponsor Your Spouse, Common-law Partner or Conjugal Partner Are you trying to sponsor your spouse, common law partner or conjugal partner? Was your application refused? Are you confused about the entire process and not sure about what exactly you need to show on your application to convince CIC that you are in genuine […]

Canada Spousal Sponsorship Information

Sponsoring Your Spouse to Canada Are you married but live in Canada while your spouse resides in another country? Have you tried to apply to sponsor your spouse, but your application got refused? Are you losing patience with the entire spousal application process and not sure what else you need to do to be reunited […]

Important Things You Need to Know about Common-Law Sponsorship

Most Important Documents that Support Common-Law Sponsorship If you are currently in a common-law partnership with your significant other and would like to apply for common-law sponsorship, it is very important to recognize that Immigration Canada is very particular about proving common-law partnerships. The reasoning behind this is because common-law partnerships are not marriages; therefore, […]


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