How Can I Prove My Relationship?


Whether you are in a marriage, common-law or conjugal relationship, in order to have a successful sponsorship application, it is important to prove that you have a genuine relationship. You may be thinking that this is simple enough, but that is because you have knowledge of the true state of your relationship. The challenging part is convincing the visa officer.

There are three types of recognized relationships in Canada;

  • a marriage
  • a common-law relationship
  • a conjugal relationship.

As all three types of relationship differ in nature, different types of documentation will need to be provided depending upon the type of relationship that you are in.

If you are married to your partner, some documents that may need to be submitted with your application include,

  • your marriage certificate
  • wedding photos
  • wedding invitations
  • shared assets (this can be mortgages or leases)
  • divorce papers (if this is applicable to you)

Essentially you need to understand that your obligation is to show the visa officer that your marriage is true and legitimate.

If you are in a common-law relationship, you may show evidence in the form of,

  • a statutory declaration
  • any documents that will show you have been living together for one year (perhaps letters addressed to you at similar addresses)
  • any joint bank accounts you might have or;
  • insurance policies

For this type of relationship, the obligation is to prove that you are not only in a real relationship, but that you meet the requirement of living together for twelve consecutive months, during which time, you have been in a personal and intimate relationship.

The burden of proof for conjugal relationships is showing that some sort of barrier existed that did not allow for you and your partner to live in a common-law relationship or to get married. Conjugal relationships are more challenging. Any evidence that suggests that obstacles resulted in your conjugal relationship would be beneficial to you.

It is important to understand that what separates a conjugal relationship and a common-law relationship is the mandatory condition of living together for one year, and so, your evidence should be geared towards convincing the visa officer that it was impossible to live together for one year, however at the same time, showing that the relationship is genuine.

Knowing which documents are the right documents to gather are not only difficult but also crucial to the success of your application. At Akrami & Associates, our experienced legal representatives have experience handling various types of spousal sponsorships. We will gladly assist you with the process and help ease your way through this monumental moment. Call us today for a consultation.